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As an Indian woman, how do you feel when you drink water?

As you drink water, as the life-sustaining nectar that is as old as the Vedas and is as fresh as this moment washes away the tiredness of your long day, what do you think of? As an Indian woman water-drinker, do you find yourself wondering if the water will be safe for your husband and […]

Mommy’s secret: The monster in my house (an essay by a 4th grader)

A really scary monster lives in my house.  The monster gets very angry when Mommy makes mistakes and doesn’t listen to him. Like once when Mommy burnt a roti, the monster got angry and threw his dinner plate at Mommy. The plate flew out of his hands as if it were under an awesome Accio […]

The war for women

Feminists had it wrong all along – the Hindu moral policemen are not waging a war on women, they’re actually waging a war for women – as in literally to get women to marry them. (Neo finds it bizarrely tragic that we even need to have a label like “feminist” – how come we don’t […]