You can put an Indian back in India, but ...

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The unpublished journal of a successful entrepreneur

One year ago, I spent an entire night dreaming that I was a giant fly. When I awoke, I was startled to discover that I was myself. I decided that this was a vision, and asked my Guruji (from Better Living through Conscious Snoring) what I should do with it. Guruji told me to stop […]

Why it is better to be “charming like India” rather than “hot like China”

In 2004, most of Mrs. Neo’s friends were surprised when she announced that she had broken up with a rather handsome Ganesh and was engaged to marry the very skinny-looking Neo. Yes, they said, Neo was sort of smart, charming and funny, but – he’s so skinny! It was a brilliant decision by Mrs. Neo […]

12 terrible things to say in your job interview in India

“Why aren’t you in a more interesting business ?” is not the sort of existential question Neo expects to answer, especially coming from someone interviewing at his company for an entry-level position. But after spending two years in India interviewing people, he has learned to be prepared for anything. Neo always goes in well-prepared for […]

Why Neo might be buying stocks soon

Neo’s mother-in-law used to call Neo a financial fool for selling all his stocks in 2006. But after the recent crash, you would expect her to give Neo some credit for his prescience – a word or two of praise at the next interminably long gossip session get-together would be nice. But Neo’s mother-in-law employs […]