You can put an Indian back in India, but ...

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How to profit from innovation without innovating

With very little innovation on your part, you could profit by selling books about other people innovating! We promise this guide makes it so easy, even an I.I.M. Ahmedabad graduate could do it. First, you need a catchy title. Quick: who comes to your mind when you think about innovation? Don’t get creative, just pick […]

Can you really get up one fine morning and decide to be spontaneous?

Yes you can, but you want to avoid the situation where your day of spontaneity starts with doing laundry because you’re out of clean underwear, then a quick trip to the office because you need to drop off some urgent paperwork, and it’s almost time for lunch, but you don’t feel like eating out again […]

A humble proposal to completely eliminate unnecessary and redundant phrases and clichés from our written words

Writing is a labor of love, but, as the sun sets in the west, and the moon rises in the night sky, Neo often thinks to himself, “Why do we writers use these redundant phrases in our writing ? Where else would the sun set and the moon rise ? Also, in the absence of […]