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We should have lived like we were dying

It was always going to be a matter of time before we ran out of time.  It was so flawlessly cruel that it would give you the goosebumps. They chose September so that the retreating monsoon winds would carry the radioactive particles southward; they used Plutonium-239 warheads because they are much lighter than Uranium-235 and […]

How to be funny on Twitter

Got you to click! So now you already know that funny sells. Here’s how you can be funny and build a large following of LOLing retweeters: You should try sexual humor before anything else in this guide. Sexual humor is guaranteed to get you lots of followers; it doesn’t require you to be aware of […]

A quick refresher of ancient Indian history, in case you forgot what you learnt in school

The earliest evidence of human activity in India is 75,000 years old, in Tamil Nadu. Historians are divided on whether the homo sapiens skeletons discovered were Iyengar, Iyer, Hindi-speaking barbarians from northern India, or unemployed prehistoric historians who committed suicide due to career frustrations. By 2600 BC, in Harappa, we see proof of the first […]

Discover your true self – travel in India with lots of relatives

Most people will get a total of 88 weeks of paid vacation in their lifetimes. Neo just wasted 2 of them on a “vacation” with his extended family that has left him feeling more stressed out than if he had simply stayed at home and gone to work as usual. Neo had promised to Mrs. […]

Weekend Vedic warriors defend the caste system

Image via Wikipedia Neo calls them “Weekend Vedic Warriors”. During the week, these warriors are just like Neo and you, enjoying all the benefits of liberty, capitalism – and freedom from the religion of the next-door nutcase. But on weekends, these otherwise normal men (yes they are always men) suddenly turn into fearless Vedic warriors […]

Mangalore Pub Blorgasm

A “blorgasm” is what you get when weeks of pent-up writers block in the Indian blogosphere gets released due to a story like the Mangalore pub attack. Hundreds of blogs take part in the blorgy (yes, Neo is brilliant at coining new words). Every blogger puts out nearly identical posts condemning the attack, and hundreds […]

Why Chyetanya Kunte needs to apologize!

So the ever-incestuous Indian “blogosphere” is feeling all sorry for itself over NDTV forcing Chyetanya Kunte to retract and apologize for one of his posts. But lets be clear now. Neo thinks Mr. Kunte needs to apologize for the right reasons: 1. Mr. Kunte thinks Barkha Dutt’s work is “journalism”. Anyone who thinks that standing […]

How to get your sentiments hurt without watching Slumdog

You don’t even need to watch Slumdog Millionaire to decide if you’re going to be offended by it. The fine folks at have already watched it and have decided on your behalf that you will be offended by the child dressed up like Rama. It is important that you support the ban without watching […]