You can put an Indian back in India, but ...

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Pluto

Neo’s return to India was planned somewhat better than the U.S. invasion of Iraq; his Plan was the product of several months of vigorous lurking on the Return to India forums, hours of detailed discussions with his parents in India, and had been vigorously debated, modified, and then finally adopted by the Neos via a […]

Living in India tip #7: How to negotiate with vastly smarter people, such as your maid.

Moving to India has caused Neo to make 180 degree shifts in many of his core opinions (not as dramatic a shift as Neo’s boss though, who once remarked that she’d like to see the company make a 360 degree shift in direction.) Here’s one example: When he lived in the US, Neo believed that […]

9 tips to help improve your Indian hospital experience

Back in the US, when Mrs. Neo was in labor, after every contraction, she asked Neo “Are you ok?”, much to the snickering amusement of the excellent nurses who helped Mrs. Neo during childbirth at a popular Bay Area hospital. Mrs. Neo’s concern was misplaced – Neo did not, in fact, faint when he saw […]