You can put an Indian back in India, but ...

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How to stop faking it and start living in the real India

Not one to shy away from the occasional delusions of grandeur, Neo often gives his “we choose to move to India not because it is easy, but because it is hard” speech to the sundry relatives and friends who visit Neoville. But last weekend, instead of giving him the usual blank expression and heading towards […]

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about “unnatural sex” – from the Indian penal code

The last thing Neo wanted to do after a harrowing day at work was to read about sex with animals, or about superintendents of jails having sex with their inmates. But there really was no escape. It all started with Neo’s reputation for being an “Internet expert” in his family – his grandmother thinks Neo […]

Was the previous generation really rooted in excellence ?

Neo is all for respecting elders. Elder-worship is such a wonderful ponzi scheme (sort of like social security). But while Neo’s still waiting to grow old and demand his share of elder-worship, he’s getting a little tired of the constant preaching and condescension his (30-something) generation is being subjected to. Here’s the question that Neo […]

Why being a Hindu moral police is harder than your tech job

You sit there in your cube, thinking – “How hard can it be for Hindu Moral Police to talk about Indian values and judge others all day” – Well you are wrong in several ways. It is much harder than your techie job: 1. You only have to worry about getting your clothes ready for […]