You can put an Indian back in India, but ...

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A quick overview of Indian values

Neo likes to believe that his NRI friends are eager to visit Neo because they love to listen to his “Thoughts on Critical Issues that Really Matter” speech, the same speech that Neo has prepared in case he gets invited to TED. The reality is, they visit to see how much the Neos have progressed […]

How to stop faking it and start living in the real India

Not one to shy away from the occasional delusions of grandeur, Neo often gives his “we choose to move to India not because it is easy, but because it is hard” speech to the sundry relatives and friends who visit Neoville. But last weekend, instead of giving him the usual blank expression and heading towards […]

Stop whining and start improving your child’s Indian education

Neo’s team at work hears him say at least thrice a day – its important to look for solutions, and follow the Radioshack school of thought – “You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers”. (To the smartass who sent Neo the hoax mass-resignation mail that said – “You’ve got questions. We’ve got new jobs. Goodbye.” – […]

Return to India myth #19: School education is generally better in India (than in the US)

Neo has been sternly told by Mrs. Neo that when someone asks “Schooling in India is very good – we turned out okay, right ?” – they don’t really expect to hear Neo’s detailed and brutally honest assessment. Neo has written a little about the schools admissions process in India, and he promises to write […]

Good schools prefer housewives

If you thought the Bush administration lived in an insulated bubble, wait till you meet some of the school “principals” in India. An artificial scarcity of convenient schools has hyper-inflated the egos of people with personalities that remind Neo of Milton from Office Space. One example is – “National Public School” (NPS) in Bangalore. The […]