While you sit there drinking the cheap $14.95 $9.95 wine that you bought from Albertsons, Neo did something you’ve been dreaming about – he moved to India in 2008 after staying in more countries than you have visited.

While your overworked spouse screams at you to take the garbage out, Neo is calmly munching on Samosas prepared by a suspiciously good-looking maid.

While you are stuck in traffic, Neo has outsourced road-rage to his overpaid driver and is lounging in the back-seat of his car tweeting from his iPhone.

While you are busy trying to outsource everyone’s job except your own, Neo spends his time tweeting working for a software company in Bangalore where he manages a group of engineers who are smart, but not smarter than Neo. Not even close.

So what’s the next best thing to moving to India ? Reading this blog! Actually in many ways, reading this blog is better than moving to India, because no mosquitoes will bite you while reading it.

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neo at neoindian dot org

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