That is a different this one

by neo

My friend told neoindian blog is timepass but sorry boss, what a biggest ridiculous blog that I have seen. Sitting in USA you are just putting all this nonsense like loose motion about India. You come here and then we will talk. If you are sitting in India and still telling all these things then better you go to Pakistan.

Let me tell you in simple what is this religion and culture all about? It is nothing but the rules. In INDIA main thing is the decency. Little bit here and there is okay but American culture is too much over-hyped and is the biggest fake. From torrent you can get the real picture; daily the sex tapes are coming; what I am telling you, you must have seen and done everything in USA. Of course whatever they are doing, it is all from Kamasutra. But that is a different this one.

Caste system, women and all that issue that you are making hullabaloo about is very correct; I am not denying. But Aurobindo have already told full details on how to improve Hinduism, so this is nothing very new or very great. But now you see the Muslims; you must be reading. Generally they are killing! Tomorrow just they will come and take your wife or mother what you will do? 

So you just see from this side America is coming and from this side Muslims are coming. We will face it what to do. 

My main question to you is why such a great computer expert writing all this about INDIA instead of working. What kind of expert you are and whether you are even holding any degree? Even ordinary B.Com. graduate can think of INDIA better than you. First British people looted everything; so much poverty is there; mao people are there; still, somehow, INDIA has gone from here to there. We are coming up like anything so now you so-called NRIs are coming back like Britishers to loot again. 

And what more you American people want? Because of you first item numbers started; then gay thing started; AIDS is also too much now. WHAT MORE YOU WANT? We should just dance naked on the road or what? Just because you have the dollar and we have only rupee? 

I know why also. I am not so very good at Internet like you computer people but my eyes and ears are sharp. All these useless people are coming to your blog and Twitter and doing Neo Neo, which is just a natak and not a real this one, and you think what a great, fantastic achievement. But just think, how your wife must be feeling? Or she is also like you? I doubt. After all she is a woman. 

My advice would be you relax; if you take drinks then have something and just you think calmly about what is your problem. If there is some tension like marriage issue, finance issue, or some other personal problem whatever it is we can sort out. These are all small small things! Why you are taking it out on INDIA and writing nonsense about this, that and all? Better you yourself realize.

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