The unpublished journal of a successful entrepreneur

by neo

One year ago, I spent an entire night dreaming that I was a giant fly. When I awoke, I was startled to discover that I was myself. I decided that this was a vision, and asked my Guruji (from Better Living through Conscious Snoring) what I should do with it.

Guruji told me to stop depending on other people to tell me what to do, become an entrepreneur, and document my journey and daily achievements in a journal.

This is the journal:

Day 1

  • After much contemplation, I have decided to stop depending on other people to tell me what to do, become an entrepreneur and document my journey and daily achievements in this journal.
  • Changed my LinkedIn title from “Project manager” to “Technology Guru/Entrepreneur/Evangelist in Social/Mobile Web, Biotech, Digital Media, Internet Gaming, and Other Related Technologies.”
  • Created a blog and twitter account to chronicle my entrepreneurial journey.

Day 2

  • It’s hard to think of cool ideas for a web-based business during a meeting, but it’s easy if you know Conscious Snoring – Guruji taught me how to keep it quiet and do it without anyone noticing.
  • Idea 1: It’s just like Twitter, except everyone’s pretending to be someone they’re not! Users can pretend to be a foreign-policy expert, a comic, a hipster, or even an entrepreneur! The addictive nature of Twitter + the excitement of a game = I’d use it.
  • Idea 1b: The same concept could be applied to make a LinkedIn clone too.

Day 3

  • Read two fascinating articles, “Strategy: The Execution Trap”, and “How Rebranders Unleash Innovation On The Frontline.”

Day 4

  • Posted my first two blog entries: “Rebranding: The Strategy Trap”, and “Execution On The Frontlines of Innovation.”

Day 5

  • Got five comments on my blog today. It’s nice to see so much interest in my journey. I feel good.
  • New post: “Emerging trends in Indian technology for 2010: Mobile phones.”
  • Finding .com domain names is hard.

Day 20

  • Finally found and registered an awesome domain name: – it’s a play on “idea space” and “India”. I might need to rework my business plan a little to fit the domain name.
  • Attended TEDx. Amazing to have one in southern Ulhasnagar! Met several fellow entrepreneurs, and pitched my idea to a couple of them.
  • At TEDx, I managed to hand out all two hundred Conscious Snoring brochures. Guruji was thrilled.
  • What exactly does it mean when people say “worked with five Fortune 500 companies?”
  • I’ve never liked the About page of my blog – not punchy enough. I hired a professional freelance business writer to write a better one for me. I hope it’ll be worth the money.

Day 25

  • I finally launched, and announced it on my Facebook, Twitter and blog. Emailed everyone I knew. Five subscribers so far. Not much, but exciting times!
  • Created my own account on indeaspace. I’ve decided to pretend to be an author and also an expert on relationships.
  • My blog post on “10 blogs entrepreneurs must visit” was linked from Huge traffic spike!
  • I visited the Sony office to evaluate their new laptop; I must have interacted with people from up to twenty Fortune 500 companies right there. I’m also realizing that there’s all these Fortune 500 people I’ve met at the Ashram. Sent all this to my bio writer.

Day 28

  • Traffic to is growing slower than expected, plus I’m getting a lot of spam. Not nice.
  • I got interviewed today by IndiStart, a well-known Indian podcast dedicated to startups. Lots of interesting questions from other entrepreneurs!
  • I’ve started a new series on my blog, “My Vision of India in 2020.” (Thought the title was funny: 20/20)
  • Created my matrimonial profile on to keep my parents quiet for a while. I decided to show some of my humor and flirty skills on my profile: “I’m thirty-six! Do you know the significance of this age ? You have to wait to be thirty-six before you can legally marry a girl half your age! LOL.”

Day 45

  • AWESOME, awesome, awesome: WindyBook Publishers called me up today. They want me to write a book about my experiences!! He said there was a huge market for entrepreneurial stories.
  • As an entrepreneur, I’ve realized: nothing sells more than the dream of entrepreneurship.
  • Also, the freelancer finished my bio. It looks awesome. Got lots of positive feedback. One person said it looked as good as Chetan Bhagat’s bio.

Day 62

  • I’ve put on the back-burner for now. Between the long Conscious Snoring – where I am now a Senior Disciple – sessions, writing the book, and my blog, there is very little time left to work on indeaspace.

Day 97

  • My book, “Metamorphosis: How I Transformed Myself Into an Entrepreneur”, was released – 20,000 copies sold in one month. Epic. Win.
  • Guruji says I owe him royalty. My fiancee is already picking out houses. I’d love to pay Guruji, but I can’t break the heart of an eighteen-year old.
  • Changed my LinkedIn title to “Entrepreneur, best-selling author and strategy consultant.”

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