Mommy’s secret: The monster in my house (an essay by a 4th grader)

by neo

A really scary monster lives in my house.  The monster gets very angry when Mommy makes mistakes and doesn’t listen to him. Like once when Mommy burnt a roti, the monster got angry and threw his dinner plate at Mommy. The plate flew out of his hands as if it were under an awesome Accio spell. The food from the plate made a mess on Mommy’s pants like the time my sister Bhavana vomited on Mommy because I put salt in her milk, but I never did!!

When the monster gets angry I have to take Bhavana to our room and close the door and wait there until Mommy opens the door. Sometimes, in the room, Bhavana gets scared and she does peepee. But I am brave. Yesterday, I was so brave, I came out with my bow and arrow to fight the monster. The monster was shouting at Mommy, so I shot him with my arrow. The monster didn’t even notice me, maybe because I was wearing my Invisibility Cloak. But my Invisibility Cloak didn’t work with Mommy. She saw me and started crying even louder and screamed “Go back inside!”

Even when our room door is closed I can hear the monster. He uses dirty words like the big boys in Mrs. Shah’s class. Mommy has told me to never ever use those words. But she told a lie because when she was talking with Geetika aunty I heard her use the same dirty words. I use dirty words in my Avada Kedavra spell – my mean nanny disappeared and never came back after I made my monster face, spat at her, and shouted “Bitch! Bitch!!”.

Mommy shouts at the monster because if you talk softly the monster cannot hear you. One day when I was hiding in the room she was shouting “STOP! STOP!” and then suddenly she stopped shouting. The next day Mommy’s eye became black and she looked funny like a racoon so she didn’t take me to Jayesh’s birthday party. I never even saw the clown and everyone got a Spiderman mask.

Sometimes, when the monster is in a good mood, he does fun things like making paper UFOs and he makes funny names of dinosaurs like “Singasongosaurus”. He also teaches me to ride my bicycle. Bhavana is too small to have her own bicycle so she cries when I ride mine. The monster makes me laugh with funny jokes like: “How do elephants talk to each other ? On the elephone!”

Mommy told me that the monster is our secret, so I should not tell anyone. But that day, at school, Bhavana started crying because she was scared to go home and her teacher asked her why. So Bhavana told her about the monster. But I didn’t want the teacher to know Mommy’s secret so I told the teacher that Bhavana was lying.

When I grow up I want to become strong so I can kill the monster. Today I put toothpaste on the monster’s cake because if you eat toothpaste, your mouth becomes clean and you won’t say dirty and mean things. I also eat lots of spinach and I’m learning many new spells like Expecto Patronum and Impedimenta that I can use against the monster. But I don’t have a wand yet.


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