Useful phrases for foreigners visiting India

by neo

Are you visiting India for the first time ? Here are some phrases that you might want to learn to say in Hindi.

“Where’s the restroom?”

“Hi, I’d like to book a pre-paid taxi.”

“Can you take me to Le Meridien?”

“No, thank you. I don’t need an escort for tonight.”

“Wow, you look beautiful. Come on in!”

“Good morning. Your daughter ? Wait, I thought she was the escort!”

“Where are you taking me?”

“What is this priest saying?”

“No! I have a girlfriend in San Jose! Please!”

“It’s not about you, Priya. I find you very attractive. Please don’t cry.”

“Oh god, please don’t stop.”

“So all this time you thought I was asking you if you were taking vitamin pills?”


“I need an admission form for Kindergarten, please.”

“Give me the remote.”

“Just a few more minutes on Twitter, honey. I’ll be right there!”

“Of course you don’t look fat!”

“Okay, I’ll shut up. Just let me in the room!”



(Based on an idea by Simon Rich in “Ant Farm”)

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