Shock laga kya ?

by neo

Multiple Ayyos!!

Neo’s relatives in India were shocked when he moved to India (“oh but he is so Americanized!”, “he will move back within six months, just watch!”, “Don’t let Sonali be influenced by him, she will also become atheist and then who will marry her?”).

The poor relatives were even more hopelessly surprised when they found that Neo passionately advocates people moving to the U.S., especially for the right sort of educational or career opportunity!

Is this a contradiction ? Absolutely not! The reason that Neo moved to the US 15 years ago is almost the same reason he moved to India – for the challenge, the once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity and the sheer rut-busting, conventional-wisdom-challenging excitement of the move!

Aline Campos 02

Indeed, the Neo family considered all the BRIC countries for the move. Brazil was eliminated because Mrs. Neo thought Neo has an unhealthy appreciation for the beauty of Brazilian women. Russia was eliminated because Mrs. Neo thought Neo has an unhealthy appreciation for Vodka and China eliminated because Neo really wanted to be able to write this blog without the Great Wall of China filtering it.

The point is – moving to India is not going to cure your unhappiness, it probably won’t make you richer, and it certainly won’t feel like home either! And while Neo swears by his awesome maids, many question Neo’s claim that even the maids will really save you 40 hours per week.

(And sadly for those moving to India for religious reasons, the closest Neo has ever come to Nirvana has not been in India, it’s been in the US, when he took a few yoga classes in the Bay Area with apparently the entire Spartan cheerleading team.)

But if you are looking for a way to pull yourself out of your comfort zone, (re)connect with India’s burgeoning, globalized next generation, watch the birth of a new digital revolution, and boost your brain’s creativity – the University of India might be the place for you!

So, shock laga kya ?

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