Stop sweating the details and look at the big picture while planning your return to India

by neo

Shashi Tharoor
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Mrs. Neo’s friend “Amit” in the Bay Area always tells the Neos to “stop sweating the details and look at the big picture”.

Amit’s “big picture” plan for returning to India starts with how the US-India nuclear deal and the crash of the US Dollar, coupled with the linking of the rivers project, and Shashi Tharoor’s inevitable rise to Prime Ministership of India in 2015 will cause the local economy along the BangaloreMysore highway to boom.

(Aside, if not Prime Minister, Mrs. Neo feels Mr. Tharoor has a good shot at Bollywood. “Just look at those dreamy eyes. And oooh the sideburns.”)

This boom will transform the area around Amit’s apartment into the next Dubai. Amit will sell the apartment at the peak and retire on the profits.(The peak has not yet occurred, though “Swaminathan’s welding shop and real estate agency” and “Jai Saraswati Mata bicycle tyre puncture repair” shops show much promise in jumpstarting the “Dubaisation”.)

In sharp contrast, while Amit spends all day coding reading weighty blogs and thinking about “The impact of the Lalgarh riots on the tax holiday for Indian IT companies”, Mrs. Neo wasted most of her first month in India literally “sweating” the small stuff, and canvassing door-to-door to find good references for maids.

Although, on the flip side, Mrs. Neo is now so well-known in the neighborhood, she would have a good chance of getting elected – if she wasn’t a US citizen.Delhi Properties - Real Estate India -Uppal's Metro Park 1

But – Amit says by 2015 India will allow “dual citizens” to run for office, just in time for Mrs. Neo to join Prime Minister Tharoor’s cabinet!

(Neo is already looking for apartments in Vasant Vihar in South Delhi. The good ones go so fast!)

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