Images of India: Goa

by neo

(The Neo family has had a bad week thanks to a viral fever. Regular blogging will resume when the fever has been vanquished. Meanwhile, Neo’s been browsing through his overflowing photo collection all week).

Goa has always been one of Neo’s favorite places to visit in India (once he figured out how to avoid the crowds). Here’s some pictures from his trip last winter:

1. Cidade de Goa beach, Panjim

One of Neo’s favorite beaches in Goa – the private beach at Cidade de Goa, in Panjim.

2. Taj Fort Aguada‘s private beach

The Taj Fort Aguada beach is small, but has a beautiful fort overlooking it.

3. Baga beach

This is one of the favorite hangouts for foreign tourists (especially those on a budget). Neo saw several signs in Russian on his drive to Baga.

4. Miramar beach

Neo loves the feel of beaches within the city, since they have more locals than tourists. And Miramar beach (located in the heart of Panjim city) is one of his favorite “urban” beaches in the world.

5. The Indian Crow

Some people are scared of butterflies. Neo is scared of the damn crows.

6. Dona Paula (Panjim)

Do we really need the fabricated suicide stories to get people to come to what’s one of the more scenic spots in Panjim ?

7. Barge on the Mandovi river

Goa is a big exporter of iron ore, and a large part of this ore is transported by barges on the river Mandovi:

Have you been to Goa yet ?

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