The war for women

by neo

Feminists had it wrong all along – the Hindu moral policemen are not waging a war on women, they’re actually waging a war for women – as in literally to get women to marry them.


(Neo finds it bizarrely tragic that we even need to have a label like “feminist” – how come we don’t we need a special label for “non-racists” or “non-murderers” or “non-rapists” ?)

But do indulge Neo for a minute and imagine that you are a Hindu moral policeman – and this is your story.

You developed your sense of entitlement early – at home, the boys showed up like kings at mealtimes – and the girls served them. Your mother deferred to your father even when she was right. She was loyal and cooked for him even after she found out about his mistress. It is good to be a man – everything is designed with you in mind.


But college changed everything. You never really figured out why the girls despised you so much. You were nearly kicked out of college for slapping a woman – but she called you a chauvinistic pig! Why couldn’t all women be as nice to you as your mother and sisters were ?

The more you saw modern India, the more disgusted you grew with the sex, drugs and partying that went on. That’s when you started attending the meetings your friends organized every week. Just look at the little sluts. AIDS is God’s way of punishing them.

Yes, you and your friends would change society – the vigilante way. A Hindu moral policeman was born. You were a real man.


Nowadays, there is the occasional but powerful cognitive dissonance. It does niggle your mind sometimes that the world’s most powerful, developed and peaceful countries are correlated with women’s freedom. The most backward, violent and weak countries of the world are characterized with the sort of women’s clothing your group prefers women to wear. So what, India is different. We have morals. Our women need to be dressed differently.

You hate muslims with a passion. But somehow you get this odd feeling of deja-vu when you read about the Taliban. Yes, why would a non-slutty woman need to show her ankles, or dress in jeans ? The Taliban do have a point.

You thought, that after their initial protests, women would welcome you as liberators from the oppressive western regime that was being forced upon them due to peer pressure.

But for some strange reason that you couldn’t figure out, women don’t like you. Which was fine by you, since the feeling is mostly mutual.


The only woman you truly liked was Savita, your pretty neighbor – oh why did she hate you after you slapped her ? Her skirt was too short! You just didn’t want other men to think that she was a slut!

But Savita or not, you do need to get married and have good, cultured kids eventually. Where will the next generation of moral police come from ? Who will reform the women after you are gone ?

That skinny, nerdy classmate of yours, the guy you used to bully, now has a job in a multi-national oil company, travels the world, and has a girlfriend. She proposed to him – on Valentines day. The Indian kidsShe looks so hot – but you don’t want her because she’s immoral. Except, you really want her. No, she must be a slut.

But the truth is slowly dawning on you – as women get more freedom, the men who respect women seem to get more women! This game is rigged against you.

That is why you hate freedom for women – because there is no way in the world a free woman with an education would ever marry you. Maybe the Taliban have another valid point – stop women’s education – uneducated women are far more likely to marry you because their fathers (and yes, mothers too) will force them to.

Kathakali / കഥകളി

Yes – destroy their false, modern confidence. Take away their fleeting financial freedom – so that they will rely on their fathers and uncles to arrange their marriages. Yes, men must have control over marriages, otherwise your society will collapse. Women cannot be allowed to choose.

That is why you are obsessed with women (and not as much with promoting democracy, vegetarianism, Sanskrit, Kathakali or Indian classical music).

That is why you hate Valentines day, and dating – because each woman who dates is a woman who has voted with her exposed legs and walked out of your world.

In a very real sense, your world is collapsing. A world without women is a dead world – its only a matter of time.

Now you realize – yours is not a war on women, its a war for women.

PS: You’re losing.

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