Return to India myth #2: India will feel like home after the US

by neo

Aus Home Beautiful June 08.jpg

Perhaps the most unsettling realization for Neo after his return to India has been this: For the rest of his life, he will almost certainly feel different from the local population – no matter where he stays in the world.

Of course, “the need to feel at home” wasn’t in the list of “top 10 reasons for Neo’s move to India” – “being waited on by maids”, “Indian-Chinese food”, and even “better sports timings for Cricket and Soccer” are better candidates for membership in that nebulous list.

But many of Neo’s friends who are contemplating their return tell him that “the need to feel at home” is important to them. Neo hopes for their sake that they will feel more at home in India than Neo has. But thus far, the old truism has held true – you can go back, but you can never go home again.

Neo is not one to state the obvious, but India is nothing like you remember. It is hungrier, scarier, wealthier, funnier, poorer, sexier, tastier and more globalized than you ever thought possible (Neo says this as he eats the best tortilla chips and salsa of his life – in Bangalore).

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