Fighting for sports bra awareness in India

by neo

Update: It just so happens that today is National Cleavage day (hat tip: Vicki Boykis)

Neo has always been a regular at the gym, in both the US and now in India. He’s the sort of obsessive-compulsive guy who has three identical sets of gym clothing, so that one can be washed while the other is being worn (and one extra set just in case). His ipod has a workout playlist to include just the right mix of Neo’s favorites, podcasts and rarely heard songs. Neo has also a specific height at which his ipod earphones are pinned to his workout t-shirt so that they don’t come off.


But you don’t have to be a obsessive-compulsive gym rat like Neo to notice the distinct lack of use of sports bras amongst women in India.

After a careful study carried out at three gyms in two cities over a period of two years, Neo estimates that less than 40% of the women in Neo’s study wear sports bras.

Mrs. Neo was predictably more interested in angrily discussing how/why Neo noticed this (wait till she finds out he even blogged about it). But, lets be reasonable here, is this something that anyone can fail to notice ?

Some have suggested that the issue is one of availability of sports bras in India, rather than their cost. Neo doubts this theory very much. No, the issue must be one of awareness.

Vir Sanghvi says that most Indian women have never even been properly measured for a regular bra. Mid-day reported in 2007 that 9 out of 10 Indian women wear the wrong size!

Neo feels a sense of bonding with those who share his passion for fitness. And so he’s saddened that many women just don’t realize that they are undergoing needless discomfort and hampering their workout performance.

But, it’s not like Neo can saunter up tomorrow evening to a breathless Anita who’s cranking up the pace on the elliptical trainer and say, “Hi, I realize this might be awkward, but have you considered the use of a sports bra ?”

And, so, as with so many issues that keep Neo up at night – the answer is the same – blog about it and hope that Anita, Minal, Aunt Ujwala and the rest of the aerobics group – are reading this blog.

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