The real reason to move to India

by neo

Alphonso mangoes in a box surrounded by straw. 

Image via Wikipedia

Two words – mangoes. Actually that’s one word. But who’s counting ? Neo just finished his first Alphonso mango of the season.

Quick question – Does a mango need to be disfigured, mixed with oil and asafoetida and humiliated into being part of a mango thokku ? Does a mango need a thokku ? If God wanted us to eat mango thokku, he would have made mango thokku trees, wouldn’t he ?

Yes, Neo might be an atheist, but he is religious about mangoes.  And with all due respects to Aunt Padma, this time she has gone too far. So now Neo is encouraging all true mango believers to eat as many mangoes as possible this season, to prevent the thokku-worshippers from getting any.

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