Neo is moving back to the US

by neo

Neo thought he’ll play an April Fools day prank on his readers by announcing that he was ending his stay in India and moving back to the Bay Area.

But, like any responsible blogger, Neo tests all his pranks on his hapless colleagues at work before  releasing them on his higher-valued blog readership.

So he abandoned the idea when all four of his test-subjects at work merely said “oh ok” (instead of some variant of “OMG WTF”), when Neo told them he was moving back to the US.

Neo later realized – the reason for the stoic reception was not the fact that they expected Neo’s move – but rather because its not that big of a deal to move back to the US.

Like Neo, many of Neo’s peers at work are US citizens, and all of them have a strong network of professional and personal friends in the US. Moving back and getting a job would be quite easy for them (well maybe not in this economy, but in general it would be).

Here’s the epiphany that Neo had at an exceptionally boring meeting (do you really need 34 PowerPoint slides to explain the new hiring process?) – the fact that its relatively easy to move back actually helps people stay in India and enjoy some of those “only in India” joys (see:  6 surprising benefits of moving to India).


In fact, many of Neo’s Indian-American friends would find that moving to India for a year is actually less effort than discussing it every weekend over the overpriced Indian buffet at Amber India ($50 buys you the best all-you-can-eat brunch – at the Taj Bangalore – with unlimited drinks).

And, just like those poor souls who move to India to “be happier”, those who never applied for American citizenship actually tend to be unhappier in India than American citizens.

So here’s a tip for April Fools day – don’t be a fool. Keeping all your options open is not just smart, it helps you relax and enjoy what your move to India should be – a rejuvenating, exhilarating adventure to an exciting emerging economy. Get your US citizenship, get the Indian “overseas citizenship” – and then you can spend the rest of your life moving as often as you like (packing does get easier with every move – partly because you threw out all the junk 2 moves ago).

And yes, Neo just checked – the domain “” is available. But does anyone really want to read the blog of an Indian-American who returned to India and then returned back to the US?

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