Why Neo might be buying stocks soon

by neo

Neo’s mother-in-law used to call Neo a financial fool for selling all his stocks in 2006. But after the recent crash, you would expect her to give Neo some credit for his prescience – a word or two of praise at the next interminably long gossip session get-together would be nice.

Titanic ? Also – the same creative license is not afforded to Neo Jr – he was unfairly reprimanded for suggesting that Neo’s mother-in-law resembled a Panda Bear.

Actually Neo’s mother-in-law was right in a sense – foolishness is involved in Neo’s financial planning. Neo has his own “financial advisory committee” – composed exclusively of financial fools.

Bar Friends

His committee comprises several smart but financially foolish close friends who bought dot-com stocks in 2001, sold at the stock market bottom in 2003, stayed out of the stock market until 2006 and then bought multiple real estate properties for “investment” in 2006.

Neo’s committee pores over the Wall Street Journal as if secrets unavailable to the unwashed masses were being revealed to them for the low low price of $2.99. Armed with this “knowledge” the committee then decides what to do with their constantly shrinking brokerage accounts.

And here’s the twist – Neo simply does the opposite of what the committee is doing. Neo has not kept this strategy a secret from the committee – and yet it works reliably, profitably and does not require a Wall Street Journal subscription.

So last night after he bought them several rounds of the all-new Kingfisher Blue, Neo’s financial advisory committee started discussing the recession. They laughed about how stocks are (now) for fools, and how its time (now) for “safe investments” like treasury bonds, CDs, Indian “fixed deposits” and gold.

The message is clear – Neo thinks it might soon be time to buy stocks again! Whether he will actually have the Cojones to do so during the mother of all recessions is another story.

But Neo’s sure his mother-in-law will be “supportive” of whatever Neo does next.

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