Mangalore Pub Blorgasm

by neo

A “blorgasm” is what you get when weeks of pent-up writers block in the Indian blogosphere gets released due to a story like the Mangalore pub attack.

Hundreds of blogs take part in the blorgy (yes, Neo is brilliant at coining new words). Every blogger puts out nearly identical posts condemning the attack, and hundreds of commenting voyeurs gather to watch and sign the resulting petitions.

But unlike the other bloggers who inhabit your RSS reader, Neo has never known writer’s block. Hence, it falls on him to say what no one else is saying:

  1. Neither the perpetrators nor the government will ever read the soporifically long joint statements condemning the pub attacks.
  2. Only self-proclaimed journalists with small (or non-existent) penises like Barkha Dutt might actually read these joint statements (just to make sure they are not critical about their respective penises).
  3. Neo thinks Mutalik is nothing more than an alleged criminal and should not be allowed to set the context or pretext for a discussion on “Indian values”.
  4. Neo refuses to link to smuggy religious bloggers who defend these attacks. But Neo, being an atheist, can’t figure out why the religious aren’t smugly sipping a non-alcoholic organic coconut drink in Hawaii, waiting for their tryst with God. The last thing on their collective¬† minds should be to waste their time fretting¬† (or blogging) about fashionably dressed drunken women (according to the religious – aren’t they all going to be reborn as rats or whatever to pay for their sins anyway?).

Now Neo needs a drink.

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