Why Chyetanya Kunte needs to apologize!

by neo

So the ever-incestuous Indian “blogosphere” is feeling all sorry for itself over NDTV forcing Chyetanya Kunte to retract and apologize for one of his posts.

But lets be clear now. Neo thinks Mr. Kunte needs to apologize for the right reasons:

1. Mr. Kunte thinks Barkha Dutt’s work is “journalism”. Anyone who thinks that standing in front of a burning building asking “WTF just happened?!” all day is “journalism” needs to apologize profusely and then go worship a dictionary for a week.

2. Mr. Kunte actually watches Barkha Dutt when say the ultra-hot, uber-cool Anjali Rao is just a channel-switch away. For that he needs to apologize to every self-respecting Indian male (Update: and apparently many lesbians too).

3. Mr. Kunte thinks television channels should have ethics. Firstly, he needs to pay to replace the keyboard that Neo spilt coffee all over after he read that line. Secondly, he needs to apologize for being more naive than Neo’s 2 month-old puppy.

So, Mr. Kunte – Neo is waiting for your apologies (and the replacement keyboard).

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