How to get your sentiments hurt without watching Slumdog

by neo

You don’t even need to watch Slumdog Millionaire to decide if you’re going to be offended by it. The fine folks at have already slumdogwatched it and have decided on your behalf that you will be offended by the child dressed up like Rama.

It is important that you support the ban without watching the movie. Because, according to hindujagruti, watching denigrating images such as those in Slumdog “… can even cause elimination of religious practices and facilitate destruction of religion.” (and that would be a terrible thing indeed).

The brave hindujagruti volunteers are martyrs – after all, by their own claim, their own faith must have been completely destroyed after watching so much denigration (imagine the “destruction of religion” caused in their minds when they created this page containing Lord Krishna in short pants).

After the Slumdog protests – we have a suggestion for hindujagruti. They should start a campaign to ban themselves – because itself is one of the largest collections of denigrating images on Hinduism.

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