Good schools prefer housewives

by neo

If you thought the Bush administration lived in an insulated bubble, wait till you meet some of the school “principals” in India. An artificial scarcity of miltonconvenient schools has hyper-inflated the egos of people with personalities that remind Neo of Milton from Office Space.

One example is – “National Public School” (NPS) in Bangalore. The admission process is so opaque it makes the INS seem transparent. Here’s the process:

  1. Wait in line at a secretive “form distribution date” which is not advertised on their website.
  2. Submit a one-page form that doesn’t ask you for any information that is actually relevant to the admission process.
  3. Wait to see if they call you (sorry, no emails!).

The criteria for selection are not disclosed and is the stuff of urban legends. One lady, “Mrs. R.”, who has gamed the NPS admission process told Neo with great confidence (and condescension) – “Dr. Gopalakrishna (NPS chairman) doesn’t like kids with working moms”. Neo spent two nights on the couch for suggesting that Mrs. Neo become a housewife.

Mrs. R said she waited outside the office of Dr. K. P. Gopalakrishna, for several hours a day, for several months before she was given an opportunity to speak to him (and thus get admission).

So Neo has decided to screw that. There are a lot of other schools – such as “Inventure Academy” and “Greenwood High” in Bangalore that have the same crappy teachers, but are desperate enough for tuition money to make them (gasp!) customer-focused.

And Neo’s kids are going to do their SATs, get financial aid and do their undergrad in the US anyway. So Milton can kiss Neo’s non-existent posterior.

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